Enhance your home with a metal pergola

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A pergola is typically defined as a frame structure comprising colonnades or articles with a latticework roof however; it may also be added to a home in lieu of an awning on your deck or porch. They may be made from metal, plastic or wood and come in a range of styles and sizes.

pergola design

Advantages of metal pergola

Apart from the Value of a pergola, there are lots of reasons to have a pergola built. These benefits are:

  • A pergola can be thermally insulated to deflect the sun’s warmth during the warmer months
  • A pergola can be constructed with gutter stations that water is directed away from the home and terrace; you can ensure your plants get loads of water, in actuality the water can be guided toward a backyard.
  • They can easily be constructed or you can have one built and designed by an expert.
  • Pergolas are perfect as connectors from the home to a deck or as a walkway.

There are no real Disadvantages in using a pergola, unless you count cost and the time of installation. Needless to say, when you compare their attractiveness and performance to these factors the experts will outweigh the cons. Wood pergolas are the least expensive and offer you the option of painting or staining to suit your home’s exterior styles or colors. Wood will rot and can home pests such as termites, disintegrate and processor if not maintained. If you are thinking about a timber pergola, then you would be prudent to use cedar as it is more durable and requires less maintenance. Vinyl or plastic is a terrific option since it can be treated with a UV inhibitor which prevents discoloration or fading.

As it does not have to be painted, stained or sealed it requires very little maintenance. The pergolas supply a wide assortment of design styles, with a plastic pergola being a favorite in homes or gardens where you will find weddings or special events. Metal pergolas may be built using aluminum, steel or iron. In order that they can be used to make any variety of looks like plastic, they provide many design choices. Aluminum is considered by many to be the choice since it becomes insect repellent or will not crack, peel, warp rust, furthermore, it is light weight. Benefits of metal pergola are that it is less expensive than wood can be finished to look like wood and it is simple to keep. Durability is offered by iron, but will rust if not maintained and steel has to be sealed with a powder coating that be expensive and may take time.


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