Fundamental tips for lighting director to do their work

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There is a basic skill that you need to be aware of before you step into the world of being a Director of Photography. Going to a pair with a few basics under your belt can allow you to jump through your career ladder much faster. Do not be a hero! I have seen it far too many times, the man on place that wants to do everything and by doing so does nothing but look like he is running around with his hair on fire. An efficient DOP is an excellent DOP. The Coles notes on this lesson is to use your resources to the fullest extent, 10 individuals working at half speed together is far better than one working extremely hard.

Lighting Director

In shoot we had no more than 5 lighting available to use and let us say no more than 10 C stands. He had at his source 2 Grips, 1 Gaffer and let’s say 5 PA’s which could easily measure up to the plate if called upon. He was asked to light a rather basic interior landscape, with 3 celebrities. It required him 4hrs before the scene was late! Every light was transferred and removed at least one time and what went on to picture eventually was one 800w light partly flagged and a 1k bounced off the ceiling. I watched the DP move lights over and over again, run wires, fix flags and who knows what else. What I didn’t see was a pioneer directing his team to bring his vision to life. Director is in the job name, and for this narrative it’s a worth mentioning that “Director” is the first word in Director of Photography.

He Forgot about his group, gave no direction and tried to do everything without help. He would correct a light then head to look and camera, and again and so on. He had no very clear idea of how to light the scene, and more likely to use his tools. Tweak remains in the camera, video village or at which the camera will be placed so that you can see the picture. Then start looking for the lighting points which need more/less mild and have your staff adjust them while you see the changes occurring and call out management in real time. If I am not certain about the place of a lite, I’ll have somebody Hollywood (hold in place) a mild as I direct motion until I’m contented with a location, I shall call to lock that place, where they will find a stand and permanently put the light. This contact form

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